Thread: Seismic Cycle Modeling Symposium October 17-19, 2022 (virtual)

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Seismic Cycle Modeling Symposium October 17-19, 2022 (virtual)

Please join us for the Seismic Cycle Modeling Online Symposium (October 17-19) to discuss the many challenges associated with understanding and modeling the complexity of seismic processes in the oceanic and continental lithospheres. Join the discussions on recent progress in capturing the frictional response of rocks during the seismic cycle, the impact of finite fault zones and off-fault deformation on rupture styles and thermodynamics, and how fluid flow couples with brittle deformation across the spectrum of fault slip. We will discuss possible methodologies to simulate viscoelastic processes and integrate a more comprehensive representation of crustal deformation.

We encourage your active participation in these discussions that will shape the future code developments of the Seismic Cycle Working Group.

Invited Speakers:
Kali Allison (UC Davis), Michelle Almakari (ENS), Ryosuke Ando (U. Tokyo), Sylvain Barbot (USC), Stéphanie Chaillat (ENSTA), Luca Dal Zilio (ETH), Benchun Duan (TAMU), Eric Dunham (Stanford), Ahmed Elbanna (UIUC), Brittany Erickson (O. Oregon), Alice Gabriel (UCSD), Yihe Huang (U. Michigan), Nadia Lapusta (Caltech), Luc Lavier (UT Austin), Yajing Liu (McGill), Dave May (UCSD), Makiko Ohtani (ERI), Casper Cornelis Pranger (LMU Munich), Pierre Romanet (NIED), Esteban Rougier (LANL), Sharadha Sathiakumar (USC), Paul Segall (Stanford).

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Lead: Sylvain Barbot, University of Southern California
Kali Allison, University of California Davis
Luca Dal Zilio, ETH Zurich
Alice Gabriel, University of California San Diego, LMU Munich
Lorraine Hwang, University of California Davis
David May, University of California San Diego
Pierre Romanet, NIED Japan
Paul Segall, Stanford University

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