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Juan Payero
2012-09-28 23:59:56
Hello Mohit,
You can use: "pause period off" or "pause period 20"

Hello SAC Users,

I am writing a bash shell script in which I am opening SAC to do some
on my data and then I want to plot the result to look at it for some time
by giving pause command but the script is not holding itself and keep
running. The portion of the script is like this

echo "Please enter the name of Vertical component with extension .BHZ: "
read numerator
echo "Please enter the name of Radial component with extension .BHR: "
read denominator
echo "Please enter the value of gaussian width : "
read width
echo $numerator >>
echo $denominator >>
echo '2' >>
echo '200' >>
echo '20' >>
echo '0.00001' >>
echo $width >>
echo '1' >>
echo '1' >>
iterdeconfd_orig.x <
sac << EOF
r decon_S.out
mul -1
w over
pause(){read -p "Press [Enter] key to continue..." fackEnterKey}

I tried to do this with " pause 20s " but same probem occurred. It is not
letting me to look at plot.


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