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The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Subduction Zone Science working group is hosting an in-person subduction zone science workshop at the University of Washington from January 10-11, 2023. The workshop is designed around talks and discussions focused on three USGS subduction zone science priorities (see below), covering new science, data, and products developed across each of the US Subduction Zones. Please register by midnight mountain time on November 23rd if you would like to present a short-from talk or poster, or attend the workshop.

Workshop themes align with three USGS subduction zone science priorities:

1) new observations and models of subduction zone processes,

2) the quantification of natural hazards and risk, and

3) forecasting and situational awareness of subduction zone hazards.

Sessions will include a mix of invited keynotes, as well as contributed short-format talks and poster presentations. Contributions to any of the workshop themes are strongly encouraged, including recent research, new datasets, and work in progress. The meeting agenda also includes breakouts and discussions focusing on identifying current critical needs and research priorities from the community, and plans for a cross-discipline community of practice.

We hope to see you there!

The USGS Subduction Zone Science Working Group

Richard Briggs, Uri ten Brink, Joan Gomberg, Alex Grant, Matt Haney, Kirstie Haynie*, Jenna Hill, Emily Johnson, Jeffrey McGuire, Nathaniel Miller, Stephanie Ross, Janet Watt, Aaron Wech, and Erin Wirth

*Reach out to Kirstie Haynie (khaynie<at><khaynie<at>>) with questions/comments

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