Thread: IUGG Session JA03: "Analogue Data for the Future: Preservation and Present-Day Utilization of Historical Data in the Geosciences"

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Dear Colleagues,

IUGG will be meeting next year in Berlin, Germany (July 11-20, 2023)

IASPEI has a long tradition on the recovery, preservation and use of old seismograms and related numerical data for present research. On occasion of the IUGG 28th general assembly we want to share and discuss our initiatives with those developed in other fields by the different associations present at the IUGG. New and improved initiatives, methodologies and, at the end, new knowledge should outcome from it.

Thus, we would like to invite you to consider submitting an abstract to the following Inter-Association Symposium:

JA03 Analogue Data for the Future: Preservation and Present-Day Utilization of Historical Data in the Geosciences (IAGA, IACS, IASPEI, IAHS, IAG, IAPSO), co-sponsored by IAGA, IASPEI, IAHS, IAMAS, IACS, IAPSO, and IAVCEI.

In many areas of geophysical and geological studies, long running measurements at a fixed location or over a wider region exist in analogue (physical) form including, amongst others, on photographic paper, in journals or as published tables. It is highly advantageous to convert analogue records to digital values, allowing modern computational techniques and analysis to be applied. However, it is often challenging to convert analogue records as formatting, the type of information recorded, accompanying metadata, and unit metrics change over time. Campaigns to digitize temperature or climate-related measurements have been very successful, especially with the recruitment of keen citizen scientists. However, more scientific formats, such as graphs with technical information or notation, are less amenable to generalist help. Historic analogue records frequently offer significant scientific implications, forming a baseline for analyses of long-term variability and/or short-term extreme hazards in multiple scientific aspects. In this context, it is important to compare these analogue records with one another and document their individual instrumental details for cross-calibrations. This session looks at methods for preservation, extraction, and analysis of historic analogue records, including by manual, image processing or machine learning techniques. This session also accommodates documentation of instrument detail and calibration methods for historical observations. This session welcomes new analyses using data that have previously been in analogue form, and case studies of long-term geophysical variability or individual short-term extreme events. We seek submissions from across all associations.

Convener: C. Beggan (IAGA)
Co-Conveners: J. Batlló (ASPEI), L. Vargo (IACS), K.Elger (IAG), H. Hayakawa (IAGA), A. Viglione (IAHS), S. Shenoi (IAPSO), K. Harper (IAMAS), R. Carniel (IAVCEI)

Deadline for Abstracts is 14 February 2023.

Apologies for cross-posting!

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