Thread: EGU 2023 session GD2.3/SM4.7 "Continental rifting: mantle convection and its interaction with the lithosphere"

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Dear colleagues,

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We would like to draw your attention to the session:

Continental rifting: mantle convection and its interaction with the lithosphere (GD2.3/SM4.7)

at the EGU General Assembly (April 23-28, 2023) and invite you to consider submitting an abstract to this session.

Session description:

Continental rifting is the thinning process of the lithosphere, ultimately leading to the rupture of the continent with the potential formation of an ocean basin or a failed rift. Lithospheric thinning can be produced by a range of processes such as tensional far-field forces transmitted within plates, dynamic stresses imparted by large mantle upwellings rising through the mantle or weakening through the addition of fluids. In this session, we encourage the presentation of new observations, approaches, and techniques to advance our understanding of the seismotectonics, mantle dynamics, structure, and evolution of continental rifts, with a particular focus on the East African-Arabian rift system. We welcome studies using multi-disciplinary and innovative methods including seismology, numerical and/or analogue modelling, geodesy, geology, and plate reconstruction. Particular attention will be given to presentations that provide an integrated framework, coupling the lithospheric and underlying mantle scales associated with rifting.

Confirmed invited speaker:

Ian Bastow (Imperial College)

The abstract submission deadline is 10th January, 2023 (13:00 CET).

We look forward to receiving your abstracts, and hope to see you all in Vienna!

With best regards,

Chiara Civiero
Nicolas L. Celli
Emma Chambers
Rita Kounoudis
Björn Heyn
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