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Started: 2013-03-31 01:48:38
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Ali Abdolali
2013-03-31 01:48:38
Dear List members.
I am a new user of SAC.
I have faced some problems during SAC installation. I am using CYGWIN on
Win7 64 bit.
after doing untar and installing following tools for CYGWIN, I run
"configure, make and make install".

* gcc-g++
* libncurses-devel
* make
* readline
* sunrpc
* xorg-x11-devel

then I typed X, a blank window was appeared on my screen where I
couldn't write anything. I was expecting it should be SAC. but I
cannot do anything inside it. could you please guide me how I can run
it? if there is some hints to do it or if you find my mistake, please
let me know.

I wanna use SAC in order to convert Seismographs into bottom
movement/velocity or acceleration. as far as i know, seismologists use
this package to do such a job.

thanks in advance.



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