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Arthur Snoke
2013-04-12 23:08:32
Introduction of SAC at IRIS / Seiscode

IRIS has set up a new community repository for seismological software.
The SAC development team has begun to populate a SeisCode project at URL The public has read
access to this site. Included in this SeisCode project site is a Wiki and
an Issue / Bug tracker.

For now, only the developers have edit access to the site and we are using
it to post "previews of coming attractions" for v101.6, which is in the
final development stage before release. To this end, in the Wiki under
Documentation there is the HISTORY file, which contains changes made since
the release of v101.5c.

It is probably best to continue to communicate comments and suggestions
through the sac-help listserv. After v101.6 is released, we mill allow
Edit access to others for posting issues and sample scripts.

Future Platform and Operating System Version Support:

Our current thinking is to restrict the binary builds to be provided
through IRIS to only two:

- Mac OS 10.6 (which should work on 10.7 and 10.8), and
- Linux CentOS 5.7 (64bit, x86_64).

Here is our thinking about other platforms:

Solaris: IRIS is discontinuing Solaris support for packages such as RDSEED
and EVALRESP, but for v101.6 at least we will make sure that SAC can be
built from sources on Solaris 2.8 SPARC and Solaris 2.11 x86.

Older systems: We will also test builds on earlier Mac OS and 32-bit

Windows/Cygwin: For licensing reasons, IRIS has never been able to
provide a Cygwin binary, and for recent releases (staring with 1.7) a
separate source distribution for Cygwin is not necessary so will not be
made available through IRIS.

Brian Savage <savage<at>>
Arthur Snoke <snoke<at>>

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