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Started: 2013-05-15 20:27:00
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Rob Newman
2013-05-15 20:27:00
Dear SAC Users,

IRIS is migrating towards a fully featured content management system for managing the Data Management Center (DMC) website content. For each software package we distribute there is to be a Screenshot section, and we are soliciting SAC users to provide figures that show off SAC functionality such as before/after panels for cross correlation, instrument correction, filtering, etc.

Here is an example from the current SAC release (101.5c):

If you have something that might fit this description, please send it (along with a figure caption, your affiliation, and website if you have one for correct attribution) to Arthur Snoke (cc'ed) or reply directly to this address (not the SAC-Help Listserve).

Thank you in advance,
- Rob Newman

CC: Arthur Snoke

Rob Newman
Technology Architect, IRIS DMC
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