Distributed Acoustic Sensing

Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) is a potentially transformative technology in the geosciences and engineering. The rapidly increasing interest in DAS arises from its use in continuous arrays that can be kilometers in length while providing spatial resolution of meters and frequency response from millihertz to kilohertz. This mailing list provides a forum for discussion on all topics related to DAS technology including: applications, installation, data acquisition, handling and processing of data, engineering and scientific technical development, and advertisement of upcoming events, workshops, meetings, or other opportunities in the DAS community.

For more information on the Distribution Acoustic Sensing Research Coordination Network, please go to: https://www.iris.edu/hq/initiatives/das_rcn

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Dear All, We will have our working group meeting on *December 8th at 2 PM London Time* (10 PM Perth, 8 AM Houston). We are excited to have Dr. Anna Stork (Senior Geophysical Analyst, Silixa) as an invited speaker for this event. The meeting agenda: 10 mins - Working group updates 40 mins - *Dr. Anna Stork* will present "*Distributed fibre-optic sensing for CO2 storage monitoring*" 10 mins - Q&A and open discussion *Please register in advance for this meeting:* https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting… [more]
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We would like to announce a late-breaking DAS RCN workshop on “Managing Distributed Acoustic Sensing Data” to be held at the Marriott Marquis on the Sunday prior to AGU, December 11th, 12-5pm CT. The goal of this half-day workshop is to discuss current practices, challenges and solutions for managing large DAS datasets. It is widely recognized that DAS datasets are some of the largest in geophysics, with more DAS data being collected every day. The workshop will provide a forum for DAS practit… [more]
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Hello DAS Mailing List, Steering Committee Members, and Working Group leads, The next DAS RCN Community Forum - Global DAS Month and PubDAS will be held Friday December 2nd from 11am – 12pm Eastern Time. Please register at the following link and please use the email address associated with your Zoom account: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJcoc-iopz4vE9eZuqYzNPBxLTfKkALPiK2i. Note that U.S. government accounts may encounter difficulty due to the lack of integration between standard Zoom and … [more]
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The Photonics Seismology & Earthquake Mechanics groups at the University of Michigan are looking for one or two graduate students to study Ocean-bottom Seismology with Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS). Research topics of interest include earthquake early warning, ambient seismic noise source characterization, underwater volcanology, sediment transport, and oceanic flow monitoring. The groups are also developing new techniques to image fault zones and analyze earthquake rupture processes with … [more]
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2022-11-04 10:49:17
The DAS RCN webinar "Engineering and Urban Seismology" was held on November 3, 2022 and a recording is now available at: https://youtu.be/tYJj3Z0hxQY. At this webinar we heard from: • Siyuan Yuan and Jingxiao Liu, Stanford - "DAS Monitoring of Bridges and Urban Traffic" • Joseph Vantassel, Virginia Tech - “Importance of Wavelength When Using DAS for Near-Surface Geophysics and Engineering Site Characterization” Thank you again to our presenters as well as our moderators Dante Fratta, Biondo … [more]
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Andreas Wuestefeld
2022-11-03 11:45:02
All, Please find the suggested DAS format for sharing data on IRIS on the GitHub of the DAS-RCN https://github.com/DAS-RCN/IRIS_DASformat Please also consider the separate meta-data https://github.com/DAS-RCN/DAS_metadata The idea behind it is to provide a format with the minimum of common information required to process data. Yet it is flexible enough to allow custom header information Comment to this version 0.9 are welcome until Dec 15st, 2022. After that a version 1.0 will be fixed and w… [more]
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Please join us on Thursday November 3rd at 10:30-12:00 PM Eastern for… DAS RCN WEBINAR: Engineering and Urban Seismology Organized by the DAS RCN Engineering and Urban Seismology Working Group Moderated by Dante Fratta and Biondo Bondi Register: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_rJ3kJLMPSmKCf0BOWiq1ew At this webinar we will hear from: • Siyuan Yuan and Jingxiao Liu, Stanford - "DAS Monitoring of Bridges and Urban Traffic" • Joseph Vantassel, Virginia Tech - “Importance of Wavelength When… [more]
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