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William Wilcock
2021-10-17 18:39:26 - 2021-10-20 14:24:33
I am having problems with irisFetch in Matlab on my Mac which appear to coincide with the software update to MacOS Big Sur version 11.6. It does not return any data and the use of verbose shows it is trapping a JAVA exception. The problem occurs with Matlab version R2020a, R2020b and R2021b (the latest). Can you help solve this. The output with the verbose problem is as follows >> traces = irisFetch.Traces('OO','AXAS1','*','EHZ','2021-10-04 23:59:45.000', '2021-10-05 01:00:15.000','verbos… [more]
08:24:39 v.ad6b513c