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Andrew Frassetto
2013-06-27 00:03:26
-------- Original Message -------- Subject: [iris-bulk] Announcing a new ISTI Earthworm course! Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2013 09:50:32 -0400 From: Stefan Lisowski <s.lisowski@isti.com> To: bulkmail@iris.washington.edu Hi IRIS-list Folks, ISTI finished teaching our EW course in Saratoga Springs NY (Course XIII) and had a good turnout and enthusiastic bunch of students. It was a great success and we have more material than we can pour into people's heads in 5 days. We would like to do a 3-day… [more]
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Justin Brown
2013-06-22 01:54:01
Greetings all, We are excited to announce a session for the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in San Francisco (Dec 9-13, 2013) http://fallmeeting.agu.org/2013/ T18: Integrated Studies of Slow Earthquakes (cross-listed with Seismology, Geodesy and Gravity, and Mineral and Rock Physics) Investigations of fault slip behavior in the last decade reveal a new class of slow earthquakes. Despite numerous studies that utilize seismic, geodetic, and field observations, as well as theoretical… [more]
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Andrew Frassetto
2013-06-18 20:26:45
-------- Original Message -------- Subject: [iris-bulk] Postdoc in Seismology, University of Southampton, UK Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2013 11:47:24 +0000 From: Rychert C. <C.Rychert@soton.ac.uk> To: bulkmail@iris.washington.edu <bulkmail@iris.washington.edu> Postdoc in Seismology, University of Southampton, UK Location: National Oceanography Centre Southampton Salary: £27,854 to £34,223 Full Time Fixed Term Closing Date: Thursday 11 July 2013 Interview Date: To be confirmed Reference: … [more]
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Andrew Frassetto
2013-05-22 19:05:08 - 2013-06-03 18:01:42
Hi all, We are seeking applications from graduate students (potentially including students starting their graduate programs this fall), postdocs, and other early-career seismologists interested in attending short courses on the subject of processing and analyzing seismic data, particularly those associated with the EarthScope USArray facilities. The Data Processing Short Courses will be held at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois from August 6-9 (introductory topics) and Augus… [more]
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