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PathwaysToScience.org <http://pathwaystoscience.org/> has 167 different postdoc and early career opportunities posted on the site, including postdoctoral fellowships, grants, travel awards, mentoring opportunities, and more. Browse the full list of opportunities here: http://pathwaystoscience.org/programs.aspx?u=Postdocs_Postdoc+%26+Early+Career&submit=y&all=all <http://pathwaystoscience.org/programs.aspx?u=Postdocs_Postdoc+%26+Early+Career&submit=y&all=all> Or use our advanced search pag… [more]
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Dear All, AGU’s Study of Earth’s Deep Interior Focus Group (SEDI, also DI) annually awards a Graduate Research Award to up to two outstanding graduate students in recognition for their scientific contributions toward understanding the Earth’s deep interior and other planetary bodies. This is a relatively new award, and it is the third year that we are offering it. We highly encourage you to nominate deserving graduate students. We would like to draw your attention to the upcoming deadline … [more]
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