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2021-06-11 15:48:14
Dear MUSTANG Users, We identified undesired behavior in the latest update yesterday that affected how the daily "ts" availability metrics handled multiple metadata epochs. If a request for ts_percent_availability, ts_num_gaps, ts_max_gap, or ts_gap_length spanned more than one metadata epoch, results would only return values for the first metadata epoch. An update to MUSTANG will be made in the next few minutes to fix this issue so that results will return values spanning all metadata epochs… [more]
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2021-06-02 16:31:28 - 2021-06-10 19:07:37
Dear MUSTANG Users, Next week on Thursday, June 10, ~10AM PDT (17:00 UTC), we will be implementing changes to the MUSTANG on-demand availability metrics ("ts" metrics), calculated from the availability web service output. The metrics that are affected are: ts_channel_continuity ts_channel_gap_list (new metric) ts_channel_uptime ts_gap_length ts_gap_length_total ts_max_gap ts_max_gap_total ts_num_gaps ts_num_gaps_total ts_percent_availability ts_percent_availability_total List of changes: 1.… [more]
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