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John Clinton
2017-08-29 13:54:33
Dear Colleagues, The InSight mission will land a broadband seismometer on Mars in 2018. In preparation for the mission, the InSight team have devised a blind test in which we invite participants to detect and characterise seismicity included in a synthetic dataset of continuous waveforms from a single station. The waveforms mimic both the streams of data that will be available from InSight, as well as the expected level of tectonic and impact seismicity and the noise conditions on Mars. The… [more]
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Dear colleagues, I'd like to announce the public release of Tremometer 1.0 - a Matlab code for automated detection and characterization of harmonic tremor in continuous seismic data. For more information and download please visit: https://github.com/dcroman/Tremometer Best regards, Diana Roman
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