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McCray-Skinner, Deborah
2019-03-26 19:05:06
*USGS Seeks Earthquake Hazards Research Proposals* *Applications due May 29, 2019* *Contacts: Jill Franks, **Associate Coordinator for External Research - **Earthquake Hazards Program** (703-648-6716, **jfranks@usgs.gov <jfranks@usgs.gov>**) * *Drew LaPointe, **Communications Specialist / Speech Writer - **USGS Office of Communications and Publishing** (703-648-4180, **drewlapointe@usgs.gov* <drewlapointe@usgs.gov>*)* The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is currently soliciting project propo… [more]
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Dear Colleagues: Registration and abstract submission is now open for a workshop on Glacial Isostatic Adjustment, Ice Sheets, and Sea-level Change – Observations, Analysis, and Modelling. Conveners: Thomas James, Natalya Gomez, Matt King, Shawn Marshall, Glenn Milne, and Pippa Whitehouse Date and Venue: Sept. 24-26, 2019, Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Canada The workshop will emphasize recent developments in GIA and ice sheet modelling: • coupled ice-sheet/GIA models to exp… [more]
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The Alaska Amphibious Community Seismic Experiment (AACSE) Team is pleased to invite applications from undergraduate students to join a short course on the Tectonics and Seismicity of the Alaskan Subduction Zone. The short course will be based in Kodiak, Alaska June 14-23 (±2 days) and will include a three-day workshop followed by field work with seismic instrumentation. http://geoprisms.org/research/community-projects/alaska/ During the workshop, participants will learn earthquake science and… [more]
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