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Yoon, Clara
2020-06-29 17:59:15
United States Geological Survey (USGS) invites you to help shape the future of Earthquake Notification Service (ENS), freely available at https://earthquake.usgs.gov/ens/, which provides customized real-time email and text notifications for earthquakes around the world. USGS is planning to improve and modernize ENS, and needs feedback from ENS users now! Take our 5-minute survey at https://tinyurl.com/ya46xt96, open until August 1, 2020. Feel free to forward the survey to others.
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** *Dear colleagues,* * In the last months, there has been a storm both in traditional and social media about the observation that the Covid-19 lockdown measures cause an unprecedented seismic urban “silence”, which is observed globally on many urban seismic stations. It is the first time that such a protracted noise reduction has been observed on a global scale at the same time. To gather all seismological analyses that arise from this unique period, we are pleased to announce that th… [more]
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Dear fellow researchers: We are compiling a special issue for the online journal, "Frontiers," focused on the topic of seafloor seismic developments. Details of the issue and submission process for manuscripts can be found at https://www.frontiersin.org/research-topics/13784/advances-in-ocean-bottom-seismology?utm_source=F-RTM&utm_medium=TED1&utm_campaign=PRD_TED1_T1_RT-TITLE This issue has a submission deadline of 31 July 2020 for abstracts, with initial manuscripts due 30 January 2021. … [more]
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2020-06-18 21:04:55
The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has announced two Requests for Information (RFI) regarding seismological and other geophysical research. Each RFI is intended to help the AFRL's Nuclear Explosion Monitoring program formulate plans for new or additional research that might be executed partly by universities and corporations using contracts, cooperative agreements, or other transactions to fund effective partnerships. In one RFI (https://beta.sam.gov/opp/1582820eeae64ae0a0b03c4f9e20799c/… [more]
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Join us on June 19th, 2020 at 11 AM PDT for:"Planning for the SZ4D Initiative: Meet the Faulting and Earthquake Cycles Working Group" Register now: https://washington.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0sfumhqzIpH93HiLnyZSYhWrzlUMIPRDu5 Please join us for a one-hour informational webinar and dialog about the *Faulting and Earthquake Cycles* effort in SZ4D. Meet the members of the working group, and receive an update on the path and progress of this working group to define the key elements of a new in… [more]
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Josek, Tanya
2020-06-15 15:50:51
Dear IRIS colleagues, I am emailing to invite you to participate in a research study that seeks to validate a survey instrument designed to measure post-secondary science instructors' epistemic approach to teaching science. We are seeking biology, ecology, or geology faculty to complete this 25-30-minute survey, which presents several classroom scenarios and asks how you would respond to each. To thank you for your time completing the survey, at the end of the survey you will have the option … [more]
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Dear colleagues, We are calling your attention to one special issue aiming at reporting recent progress in the study of *Induced Earthquakes*, which are linked to energy exploration and production in many regions. The collection seeks to provide up-to-date perspectives on how to better understand the mechanisms of induced earthquakes and strategies on how to prevent large, damaging earthquakes and mitigate associated hazards and risks. Topics include, but are not limited to, observations… [more]
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Join us on June 12th, 2020 at 11 AM PDT for:"Planning for the SZ4D Initiative: Meet the Magmatic Drivers of Eruption Working Group" Register Now: <https://washington.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0vfuysqjMrEtSQwf6ty-4IFKrClEGnPt3w> https://washington.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0vfuysqjMrEtSQwf6ty-4IFKrClEGnPt3w A webinar by the *Magmatic Drivers of Eruption working group* Presenters: Matt Haney, Adam Kent, Chris Huber, Ben Black, Trish Gregg, Ayla Pamukcu, and Christy Till *Pre-Registration is … [more]
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