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28 April 2021 Dear Community, We are excited to introduce the 2021-2022 CIG Distinguished Speakers: Climate, Tectonics, and Planetary Life Adrian Lenardic, Rice University The Structure of Oceanic Plates using Machine Learning on Seafloor Vibrations Tolulope Olugboji**, University of Rochester The CIG Speakers Series seeks to promote computational modeling in geodynamics and related Earth science disciplines. Speakers are drawn from a diverse pool of experts with exceptional capability to c… [more]
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Dear colleagues, we would like to encourage you to submit a paper to the Special Issue "Advanced Sensor Networks/Seismic Networks and Monitoring for Earthquakes and Phenomena Having a Seismic Signature" that will be published in the Open Access Journal "Sensors". We aim to collect scientific papers focused on advanced techniques of seismic monitoring or data analysis of natural and anthropogenic events. Also, contributions from studies carried out by ‘unconventional’ seismic networks are welc… [more]
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--- Apologies for cross-posting --- Dear Colleagues, We are pleased to announce the upcoming Special Issue of Geoscience Data Journal on the topic "Old Records for New Knowledge". This special issue is intended to share the accumulated experience with legacy data in the different fields of Geosciences. We hope it will give visibility to specific databases dealing with legacy data (from simple scanned sources to those containing elaborated products) and improve our preservation and disse… [more]
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