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Melissa Weber
2021-08-26 14:00:37 - 2021-08-30 15:30:28
Dear IRIS community: UNAVCO is excited to announce a new technical short course: GNSS Interferometric Reflectometry! The goals for this short course are to: introduce participants to the basic principles of the GNSS-IR method, provide support for users installing and running gnssrefl (python, PyPi, Jupyter notebooks, Docker images, introduce use cases), and demonstrate and discuss its use in two practical sessions on snow accumulation and water levels. Participants successfully completin… [more]
Keith Koper
2021-08-18 11:28:52
Dear Colleagues, With the recent occurrence of several interesting and impactful earthquakes in Alaska, the South Sandwich Islands, and Haiti, I would like to remind everyone that the new open access journal from SSA, called The Seismic Record (TSR), is open for business and accepting short-format manuscripts. You can read more about TSR here: https://www.seismosoc.org/publications/the-seismic-record/about-the-seismic-record/ The key points are that we routinely publish manuscripts within 60… [more]
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