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Dear Colleagues, We would like to draw your attention to the following IUGG session which will be held at the Messe Berlin - City Cube, Berlin, Germany. The IUGG meeting runs from 11- 20 July 2023 with IASPEI sessions (seismology focused sections) occurring 14-19 July 2023. S02 International, National, Regional and Local Networks and Earthquake Data Centers: Highlights and Challenges Description National and regional seismic operation centers play an important role in monitoring for natural ea… [more]
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Dear seismology colleagues, Please consider nominating a colleague for the Beno Gutenberg medal of the EGU. Receiving this medal is a great honor that expresses the importance of the contributions to seismology made by the recipient. This prestigious award can also be a great career-boost for a colleague. Writing a nomination is an opportunity to do a big favor to a colleague. You can find more information about the Beno Gutenberg medal at https://www.egu.eu/awards-medals/beno-gutenberg… [more]
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