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Dear colleagues, I would like to invite you to submit an abstract to the Session 05 "The structure of the central Mediterranean: insights from seismological and geophysical data" present at the 37th General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission (Corfu, Greece, 6 - 11 September, 2020). The deadline for the abstracts submission is on April 12, 2020. Please find below the abstract of the session, whereas further information can be found at the webpage of the Conference: https://www.e… [more]
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Huaiyu Yuan
2020-02-20 07:01:39
Dear Colleagues, I want to draw your attention to the 6th International Archean Symposium ( https://6ias.org/) that will be held on July 14 to 16, 2020 in Perth, Australia, along with pre- and post field trips ( https://6ias.org/field-trip/) to see the Archean cratons in WA. Please check out the information below for the program and invited speakers if you are interested; also note the abstract submission deadline is Feb 28. The 6th International Archean Symposium aims to highlight some of t… [more]
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Andrew Schaeffer
2020-02-19 21:00:33
Dear Colleagues, Please note the rapidly upcoming deadline to submit abstracts to the 2020 CGU Annual Meeting, joint with CIG. The meeting will be back in Beautiful Banff, Alberta, Canada, from May 3 to 6. You can find the CGU link to the meeting at: https://meeting2020.cgu-ugc.ca/ <https://meeting2020.cgu-ugc.ca/> We would like to encourage you to submit an abstract to the session below: Multidisciplinary Studies of Subduction Zone Processes: Cascadia and beyond convened by Tianhaozhe Sun,… [more]
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--- Apologies for cross-posting --- Dear Colleague, We would like to remind you to submit your abstract to session S12: "Seismological and Structural Studies in Polar Regions and the Cryosphere", to be held during the 37th General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission that will take place on Corfu, Greece, 6-11 September 2020 (https://www.escgreece2020.eu/). Abstract submission closes on *April 12*. The session accepts both oral and poster presentations on a wide range of t… [more]
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Dear Colleagues, The 37th General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission (ESC) will be held in Corfu, Greece this year (September, 6-11, 2020) https://www.escgreece2020.eu/ On the occasion of this GA, we would like to invite you to consider submitting an abstract to the Session 09: Advancing the (Re)use and preservation of Analog Seismic Data Analog seismograms have formed the basis for seismological research for almost 100 years. These data contain unique earthquakes and… [more]
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Dear Colleagues, With funds from the NSF Division of Ocean Sciences and NASA we are planning to hold a community workshop to explore future opportunities for seafloor geodesy. The workshop will explore a range of technologies, approaches, and applications for measuring the deformation of the oceanic crust. This will also be an opportunity for the community to discuss how best to utilize an upcoming seafloor geodetic instrument pool that will initially consist of GNSS-Acoustic and bottom pr… [more]
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Dear Colleagues, The hours is nigh. Please consider submitting a *session proposal* for the 4th Assembly of IASPEI’s Latin American and Caribbean Seismological Commission (LACSC), to be held in Quito, Ecuador 03 – 05 AUGUST 2020. Identify a timely research topic in areas including (but not limited to): 01. Engineering Seismology / Seismic Hazard 02. Seismic Observatories, Networks, and Instrumentation 03. Passive / Active Wavefields for Structural Characterization (across scales) 04. Earthqu… [more]
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Claire Currie
2020-02-14 10:06:19
Dear colleagues, We are pleased to announce that the Canadian Geophysical Union (CGU) Annual Meeting will take place in beautiful Banff, Alberta, Canada from May 3 to 6.  Once again, the Solid Earth section of CGU has joined with the Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics (CIG) to put together a great collection of sessions, with topics ranging from induced seismicity to planetary dynamics.  In addition, there will be a workshop on the Underworld Geodynamic Modelling Software. The… [more]
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Dear Colleagues, We would like to kindly remind you of our session "S-SS04: Strong Ground Motion and Earthquake Disaster". The abstract submission deadline is approaching (Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2020 at 17:00 JST). We hope you will submit your abstract to our session. http://www.jpgu.org/meeting_e2020/presentation.php http://www.jpgu.org/meeting_e2020/sessionlist_en/detail/S-SS04.html S-SS04 Strong Ground Motion and Earthquake Disaster http://www.jpgu.org/meeting_e2020/sessionlist_en/d… [more]
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Dear Colleagues - We invite those of you interested in aspects of the formation and evolution of the core of the Earth and other rocky bodies to submit an abstract to our Goldschmidt 2020 session 02b, "The core of the Earth and Other Rocky Bodies," whose details of which are listed below. Peter Driscoll (Carnegie Science) will be our keynote speaker. The abstract submission deadline is February 14, 2020. We hope to see you in Hawai’i. See https://goldschmidt.info/2020/ <https://goldschmidt.… [more]
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