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Active Message Threads for February 2023
2023-02-08 16:45:10
I downloaded "sac-102.0-linux_x86_64" but how do I run it and how do I view the SAC file?
Respected Sir/mam, I have observed that; the "*scale*" header in the SAC file is equal to the " *sensitivity*" header in the Pole-Zero file. I really want to know, what these "scale" & "sensitivity" means?? Let's say, the "*Scale*" for a particular station= 7.867190e+08 & " *Sensitivity*" mentioned in the Pole-Zero file= 7.867190e+08 m/s.....Does it imply 7.867190e+08 counts= 1 m/s ??? Kindly answer to my query. I have attached a few screenshot for your reference. Thanking you in advance!! … [more]
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