[data-issues] polarity reversal for XM.TX06: RESOLVED

Rick Benson rick at iris.washington.edu
Fri Mar 17 11:02:03 PST 2006

 Hi, Philip-
 Thank you for bringing the polarity issue with the horizontals of TX06 
to light.
This site had continuously reversed horizontals for the entire experiment
campaign of RISTRA, XM1999-2001.
As a method to resolve this, the azimuth/dip fields of the SEED metadata 
been changed in the IRIS database. Because the problem was first observed
using WILBERII, however, it should be noted that record section plotting 
the WILBERII interface does not utilize the metadata, and plots miniSEED 
Therefore, all earthquake record sections will continue to show the 
reversed polarities
on the horizontals for site TX06.
 Attached is Dave Wilson's email for the list-serv archive. This will 
also appear in the DPR
catalog for site TX06. http://www.iris.edu/data/dpr.htm

On Thu, 16 Mar 2006

Hello Rick,

Yes, TX06 does have reversed polarity on the
horizontal components for the entire RISTRA


Dave Wilson,  Postdoctoral Fellow
      davew at geo.utexas.edu              
  Jackson School of Geosciences
The University of Texas at Austin

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