[data-issues] TA network data issue 2005, days 240-365

Rick Benson rick at iris.washington.edu
Fri Mar 31 10:15:44 PST 2006

 The DMC received "D" quality tagged data from TA network stations, from 
two different sources,
 starting on day 240 to day 365,2005, as a result of back-filling to 
update data holdings at the DMC.

 They were written in both 4096 and 512 byte, mixed record lengths.

 The IRIS DMC rebundled the 4096 data into 512 to seamlessly integrate 
them into the
archive. The utilities involved "msrouter", which parsed the miniSEED 
into 512 and 4k
bundles, and then the 4k was rewritten with msrepack into 512 byte records.

 Then ALL 512 data was concatenated together resulting in a unified 
record file.

 It is possible that you received the mixed record length data and had 
problems if you
requested the data using the "miniseed at iris.washington.edu" request 
The normal request mechanisms alerted us to the problem in the first 
place, and no
fullSEED data volumes got shipped.

 -Rick Benson

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