[data-issues] LB.TPH bad compression in pond

Philip Crotwell crotwell at seis.sc.edu
Mon May 22 07:26:36 PDT 2006


It looks like LB.TPH might also be suffering from the same issue as  
US, where the data in the POND is not compressed with the same  
algorithm as is listed in the database. I am guessing this as earlier  
LB data seems to be in USNSN compression. Is it being recompressed in  
the same manner as US data?

Several other LB stations seem to be effected in the same way as TPH:  


Event: East Of Kuril Islands | 02/21/1997 23:40:24 GMT | Mag: 6.1 |  
Depth 33.00 km | (43.829, 149.167) LB. 
19961223T00:00:00.000Z.DAC.  .BHZ.19961223T00:00:00.000Z Data  
retrieval in progress
edu.iris.dmc.seedcodec.SteimException: encoded data length is not  
multiple of 64 bytes (4048)

Event: Kyushu, Japan | 12/16/1998 00:18:45 GMT | Mag: 5.5 | Depth  
42.00 km | (31.287, 131.286) LB.19961223T00:00:00.000Z.TPH.  .BHE. 
19961223T00:00:00.000Z Data retrieval in progress
edu.iris.Fissures.FissuresException: IDL:iris.edu/Fissures/ 
FissuresException:1.0 Codec Exception: encoded data length is not  
multiple of 64 bytes (4048)

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