[data-issues] bad response for CI.SSW. .LHZ.19971002T00:00:00.000Z

Philip Crotwell crotwell at seis.sc.edu
Tue Nov 14 11:31:35 PST 2006


The response for this channel has stage 1 with input units of VOLTS.  
So, although there is nothing that violates the structure of a  
response, I doubt that the LHZ channel is recording volts from the  
earth. I am guessing that the sensor has been left out of the response?


B050F03     Station:       SSW
B050F16     Network:       CI
B052F03     Location:
B052F04     Channel:       LHZ
B052F22     Start date:    1997,275,00:00:00
B052F23     End date:      1998,114,00:00:00
#                   +-----------------------------------+
#                   |       Response (Coefficients)     |
#                   |        CI  SSW      LHZ           |
#                   |     10/02/1997 to 04/24/1998      |
#                   +-----------------------------------+
B054F03     Transfer function type:            D
B054F04     Stage sequence number:             1
B054F05     Response in units lookup:          V - Volts
B054F06     Response out units lookup:         COUNTS
B054F07     Number of numerators:              0
B054F10     Number of denominators:            0

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