[data-issues] slinktool Problem: DATA/FETCH/TIME command is not accepted

Saranti Anna annasaranti at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 4 22:58:39 PDT 2007

Hello List!

Whenever I'm trying to access miniSeed Data from Iris with slinktool,  I'm getting the message: DATA/FETCH/TIME command is not accepted. 
Does anybody know why this happens?
The same command-line instruction works ok for Geofon Network.

Thank you very much.

Here is an example:

./slinktool -s 'BHZ.D' -S 'XZ_BERG' -tw 2007,04,04,00,00,00:2007,04,04,01,00,00 -o data.mseed -p -nt 10 bud.iris.washington.edu:18000

error: [XZ_BERG] DATA/FETCH/TIME command is not accepted

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