[data-issues] Re: Electromagnetic_Data_Access_Problem

Douglas Neuhauser doug at seismo.berkeley.edu
Sun Oct 14 12:09:04 PDT 2007

Saranti Anna wrote:
> Hallo,
> we are trying to download data from the BK network
> through iris, with the slinktool program.
> The BK belongs to iris according to: 
> http://www.iris.edu/stations/networks.txt

Let me clarify a few issues.
1.  I'm not sure what you mean when you say
	The BK belongs to IRIS.
The BK network is operated by the UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory.
ALL of the BK stations and channels are archived at the 
Northern California Earthquake Data Center (NCEDC) operated by the
UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory:
Only a SUBSET of the BK stations and channels are contributed to the IRIS
DMC, and are archived at the DMC.

The PKD EM channels are only archived at the NCEDC.
You should be requesting the PKD EM data from the NCEDC.
You may use any of the available request methods to request the data:
For Real-time data, you may download MiniSEED data via http from our 
DART (Data Available in Real Time) at

Please let me know if you have any other questions.
- Doug N

> We are interrested in the electromagnetic data from station PKD. 
> Although we can download seismic data, for example BHZ.D :
> ./slinktool -s 'BHZ.D' -S 'BK_PKD' -tw 
> 2007,10,13,19,00,00:2007,10,13,20,00,00 -o output.mseed -nt 10 -p -vv 
> bud.iris.washington.edu:18000
> there are no data coming with VT1.D:
> ./slinktool -s 'VT1.D' -S 'BK_PKD' -tw 
> 2007,10,13,19,00,00:2007,10,13,20,00,00 -o output.mseed -nt 10 -p -vv 
> bud.iris.washington.edu:18000
> Although we find this kind of channel in:
> http://www.ncedc.org/ftp/pub/doc/BK.info/BK.stations, and
> http://www.ncedc.org/dart/BK/PKD.BK/
> We get:
> slinktool version: 3.8
> Parsed 1 streams from stream list
> [bud.iris.washington.edu:18000] network socket opened
> [bud.iris.washington.edu:18000] sending: HELLO
> [bud.iris.washington.edu:18000] connected to: SeedLink v3.0 (2006.104dmc)
> [bud.iris.washington.edu:18000] organization: BUD Near Real Time - IRIS DMC
> [BK_PKD] sending: STATION PKD BK
> [BK_PKD] station is OK (selected)
> [BK_PKD] sending: SELECT VT1.D
> [BK_PKD] selector VT1.D is OK
> [BK_PKD] 1 selector(s) accepted
> [BK_PKD] requesting specified time window
> [BK_PKD] DATA/FETCH/TIME command is OK
> [bud.iris.washington.edu:18000] 1 station(s) accepted
> [bud.iris.washington.edu:18000] sending: END
> -> Can anyone help? Is it because electromagnetic data differ from
>      from seismic data?
>      Thank you very much,
>      Saranti Anna
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