[data-issues] YV 2000-2002 Data is gappy in a regular manner

Tim Ahern tim at iris.washington.edu
Mon Oct 15 12:36:31 PDT 2007

Meredith Nettles reported to me that the NEAT SEIS-UK data set has  
problems in it.  The data are gappy but in a systematic manner.
Two stations seem fine (MOL and MOR8) whereas two stations (HJO and  
SOE) seem to have 2 hours of data and then a 2 hour gap.

I am including a VASE screenshot that shows the problem clearly.   
Getting the data through a different source resulted in continuous data.
We either need to have the data retransmitted to us or see if  
something went wrong here during the archiving process.

I only looked at this one day in the several years of data but  
Meredith looked at much more.


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