[data-issues] response problem for MN.AQU. .BHE

Rick Benson rick at iris.washington.edu
Wed Mar 19 09:43:49 PDT 2008

Hi, Philip-
  I tried to (quickly) find the problem with why the network server  
isn't able to pull
back the needed information, and 2ndarily looked into the database a  
variety of ways
and can not determine the missing link yet. I believe that this is a DHI
issue, with network server, in short. I think that I need to have Sue  
look in over my shoulder to see
if she has any logging, because this isn't getting logged in her  

SQL> select * from dhi_bad_responses where network='MN';
         no rows selected

  Using the network server, I CAN replicate your condition using  
JPlotResp, indicating
it's a DHI error, but explain the other ways I use the response info  
with no problem:

	< JEvalResp, Version 1.55 Response Output >>
	Connecting to server:  dmc.iris.washington.edu:6371
	Name service resolved on server
	NetworkFinder object from DataCenter "edu/iris/dmc/IRIS_NetworkDC"  
resolved on server
	1 channel-ID matches
  	 MN AQU    BHE 1999,243,10:00:01
	MN AQU    BHE 1999,243,10:00:01
	Error calling method 'retrieve_instrumentation()':   
org.omg.CORBA.UNKNOWN  vmcid: 0x0  minor code: 0  completed: No
	No matching channel-IDs found

2) But when I create a RESP file and run it through the JPlotResp  
client, it works fine, pulls out the
sensor type, and units just fine.

Furthermore, one can get the complete listing of information when  
using http://www.iris.edu/mda/MN/AQU/--/BHE
which is pulling the info dynamically out of Oracle, too, and all  
appears copacetic.
  (The only unrelated observation I can make is that the reported  
sensitivity does not match the calculated
gain, and the filter delay used isn't probably correct, so I will have  
to contact Salvatore Mazza at INGV anyway)

     Calc_sens=6.382082E+10 (reported=1.063680E+09) @ 2.000000E-02 Hz
     Calc_delay=-9.000000E-03, Correction_applied=3.747000E-02

On Mar 19, 2008, at 8:53 AM, Philip Crotwell wrote:

> Hi
> I am getting an UNKNOWN from the iris network server for
> retrieve_instrumentation() for MN.AQU.  .BHE (2000270T100001.0000Z)
> You can check it via wily:
> http://www.seis.sc.edu/wily/GetInstrumentation?corbaLoc=corbaloc:iiop:dmc.iris.washington.edu:6371/NameService&serverObject=IRIS_NetworkDC&dns=edu/iris/dmc&chndatetime=2000270T100001.0000Z&chnleapsec=-1&chncode=BHE&nwcode=MN&nwdatetime=1988001T000000.0000Z&nwleapsec=-1&sitecode=%20%20&stationcode=AQU
> I presume this is a data issue instead of a dhi issue, but...
> thanks,
> Philip
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