[data-issues] response problem for MN.AQU. .BHE

Robert Casey rob at iris.washington.edu
Wed Mar 19 12:46:18 PDT 2008

	I just looked at the response returns from SeismiQuery and this is a  
channel that has the decimation stage 2, which includes a blockette 54  
with no coefficients.  This is a known issue that might translate to  
the dhi_bad_responses listing that Rick spoke of.  Is it as simple as  
listing the station there?


On Mar 19, 2008, at 12:25 PM, Philip Crotwell wrote:

> Hi Rick
> Thanks for looking, I can't really tell a data issue from a dhi  
> server issue from this end, although the network server seems fine  
> for other channels, even from that same station, so was guessing  
> that there was something about the response for that particular  
> channel. Waiting for Sue to see if she she has anything useful is  
> the logs seems best. This station isn't a big deal for me, just  
> noticed the problem and wanted to let you all know about it.
> thanks,
> Philip
> On 3/19/08, Rick Benson <rick at iris.washington.edu> wrote:
> Hi, Philip-
>  I tried to (quickly) find the problem with why the network server  
> isn't able to pull
> back the needed information, and 2ndarily looked into the database a  
> variety of ways
> and can not determine the missing link yet. I believe that this is a  
> issue, with network server, in short. I think that I need to have  
> Sue look in over my shoulder to see
> if she has any logging, because this isn't getting logged in her  
> dhi_bad_responses
> table.
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