[data-issues] mag 9.5 bogus event in db

Tim Ahern tim at iris.washington.edu
Wed Apr 8 12:48:44 PDT 2009

The DMC's policy is to mimic the information provided by the catalog  
suppliers.  If they remove bogus events
then we will as well but we do not intervene at this level.

There are other examples we are aware of as well.


On Apr 8, 2009, at 11:52 AM, Philip Crotwell wrote:

> Hi
> I suspect you just store what you are given, but thought I would point
> this out just in case. It is very unlikely that this was really a
> magnitude 9.5.
> 1 	2006-10-09 19:06:18.0 	18.974 	121.117 	11 	 9.5 	MS 	ISCCD 	MAN
> I looked at the ISC website and they also have the 9.5 magnitude, so
> your db is correct in that sense. I guess the ISC can argue that MAN
> (whoever that is) contributed it, and so they should publish it. But
> it seems like a little extra care should be given to really large
> magnitudes as people are often interested in the biggest earthquakes.
> As it stands now, the "biggest" earthquake in the database this decade
> is not really a very big earthquake. :(
> The reason I noticed this is that REV picks up on this event and so
> the biggest circle on our map is not real. I am going to manually
> reject this event in REV, so not a big deal for me, but might continue
> be for others.
> I will also send something to the isc.
> thanks,
> Philip
> PS There was a 9.9 in Bolivia in 1999, likely same type of issue.
> 1999-10-14 10:59:35.0 	-16.559 	-62.775 	.1 	 9.9 	MD 	ISCCD 	HDC 	HDC
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