[data-issues] mag 9.5 bogus event in db

Robert Casey rob at iris.washington.edu
Wed Apr 8 12:50:15 PDT 2009

	Thanks for the note on that, Philip.  We'll have to take a look at  
removing these cataclysmic quake entries.

	I wonder if we'd be able to keep an eye on these ultra-large quakes  
via our IEB event cache (ranked by magnitude)?


On Apr 8, 2009, at 11:52 AM, Philip Crotwell wrote:

> Hi
> I suspect you just store what you are given, but thought I would point
> this out just in case. It is very unlikely that this was really a
> magnitude 9.5.
> 1 	2006-10-09 19:06:18.0 	18.974 	121.117 	11 	 9.5 	MS 	ISCCD 	MAN
> I looked at the ISC website and they also have the 9.5 magnitude, so
> your db is correct in that sense. I guess the ISC can argue that MAN
> (whoever that is) contributed it, and so they should publish it. But
> it seems like a little extra care should be given to really large
> magnitudes as people are often interested in the biggest earthquakes.
> As it stands now, the "biggest" earthquake in the database this decade
> is not really a very big earthquake. :(
> The reason I noticed this is that REV picks up on this event and so
> the biggest circle on our map is not real. I am going to manually
> reject this event in REV, so not a big deal for me, but might continue
> be for others.
> I will also send something to the isc.
> thanks,
> Philip
> PS There was a 9.9 in Bolivia in 1999, likely same type of issue.
> 1999-10-14 10:59:35.0 	-16.559 	-62.775 	.1 	 9.9 	MD 	ISCCD 	HDC 	HDC
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