[data-issues] pressure units in SEED files

Rick Benson rick at iris.washington.edu
Tue Feb 9 09:24:10 PST 2010

Hello, Sheila-
 Im glad you are utilizing SEED for these timeseries data,
and the units of pressure are well accomodated within SEED
and rdseed if the SEED file is written correctly.
 The abbreviation dictionary stores these blockette 34's, and what
you need to do is create a new entry called 'pascals' and then refer
to this abbreviation lookup code in the blockette 52. These are the SI
units for pressure that are recommended.
  An example for a pressure sensor with HDO channel naming convention
(The D is the instrument type for pressure) can be found for the New Mexico
Tech infrasound sensor using the "mda" interface (metadata aggregator)

 and take a look at the "View RESP" that should give you some guidance about
SEED responses for these, too. I can build you a full SEED volume and send to 
you if that helps, or just submit a breq_fast asking for station DOM from YD net
using location code 09 and channel HDO.
 Let me know if this doesn't help enough and we'll try to get you more info
and help in any way we can. I am also available for checking on SEED
formatting and verification at any time, so stay in touch and hope this helps.

On Feb 9, 2010, at 8:20 AM, Sheila Peacock wrote:

> Hello,
> We want to create SEED files of infrasound data, for which the
> quantity is pressure rather than acceleration, velocity or displacement.
> "rdseed" seems to be unable to cope with SEED header information
> (in blockette 34) that is not "M", "M/S" or "M/S**2".  How should
> we proceed?
> Regards,
> Sheila Peacock
> AWE Blacknest
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