[SAC-HELP] READ sac files

Brian Savage savage13 at dtm.ciw.edu
Mon Jun 5 06:07:59 PDT 2006


Which version of SAC ar you using ?  Error number 1418 does not exist in
the latest version. 1318 is this error message in the latest version.

Also, what type machine are you working on and what machine type did you
run STP to get the files on ?  If the version of SAC you are using is
old, you need to byte swap the files or get the latest version of SAC as
it will read either "Sun" or "Linux" byte order files.


feigelso at rohan.sdsu.edu wrote:
> Sac-help,
> How do you use the READ command for a folder of 400 sac files?  I tried
> the READ command with just one sac file and got an error:
> SAC> READ 10014637.CI.CLC.BHE.sac
>  Error 1418: Header in disk file is out of date:  10014637.CI.CLC.BHE.sac
>  Header version number is incorrect.
> I got this sac file from the STP site last week.
> Thanks for your help,
> Leah
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