[SAC-HELP] PLOT command

Robert Casey rob at iris.washington.edu
Mon Jun 5 09:39:11 PDT 2006

	Hi Leah-

	Mac OS X doesn't natively install or boot up X-Windows ready, but it  
is easy to make is support X-Windows.  You need to have the X11  
Client App installed on the Mac before you can have SAC send X- 
Windows plots to the screen.

	If you do not have X11 Client already on your machine, then you need  
to do one of the following.  For Panther (10.3), you can download the  
X11 Client from the Apple website.  For Tiger, you can only install  
the X11 client from the Install Disk.  It strangely comes as a second  
install step under 'Optional Installs' or something like that when  
the installation menu pops up.  The Panther and Tiger X11 Clients are  
not compatible, so make sure you install the right one.

	Once you have X11 Client installed, you have to activate it by  
double-clicking on the icon.  I keep X11 on my Toolbar for easy  
access.  Otherwise, you'll find it in /Applications/Utilities.  Once  
it is running, you will get an X11 term window on your screen.

	In the X11 screen, you have to turn on window permissions, and the  
easiest way to do it is with the command 'xhost +', which just allows  
all hosts to send X-Windows directives to your screen.  Then, in any  
of your terminal windows, you want to set your DISPLAY environment  
variable to <your-host>:0.0, or localhost:0.0.  At this point, you  
can run SAC and your PLOT directives should work.

	You can shell script some of these operations to speed up your  
startup of SAC.  I haven't tried scripting the startup of X11, but I  
know that you can run .app files from the command line with the  
'open' directive.


On Jun 4, 2006, at 10:03 AM, Arthur Snoke wrote:

> I assum you were in xterm, otherwise you would have gotten an error  
> message.  For plots to work, you need to be in X windows.
> My guess is that you had nothing in memory.  You need somethig to  
> plot.
> SAC> funcgen seismogram
> SAC> plot
> SAC>
> That brings up a widow with a seismogram.
> Hope this helps.
> On Sun, 4 Jun 2006 feigelso at rohan.sdsu.edu wrote:
>> Sac-help,
>> I recently downloaded SAC for my Mac.  This is my first time using  
>> SAC.
>> I've been reading the SAC manual on the web and going through the
>> examples.  When I type PLOT, nothing happens.  There isn't an error
>> message or a blank window that appears, nothing.  Do you know why  
>> it's not
>> working?
>> Thanks for your help!
>> Leah

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