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I also found the setmacro command did not work. However I do know where
SAC looks for the macros so I just put them in there myself. The only
difference in this directory location for you would be the first two
directories in my location. So mine looks like this
/home/sacv100/sac/aux/macros. Put the macros in the macros directory and
make sure they are executable. Also just typing m is shorthand for
macro. Saves a few key strokes.


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I made a small MACRO file using TextEdit.  I put this into my directory
that has saved my practice problems when using SAC (/usr/local/bin).  I
saved this small MACRO file as practice.  In SAC I typed:

SAC>MACRO practice

It then says that the MACRO file is not found.  I tried the SETMACRO
command but was given the same thing.  Does anyone know what I'm doing

Thanks for your help,


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