[SAC-HELP] get header data

Heloise.Cadet at ujf-grenoble.fr Heloise.Cadet at ujf-grenoble.fr
Mon Oct 9 09:03:04 PDT 2006

Good morning,

I'd like to get some information in the header but the subroutines getfhv
doesn't seem to work for depmin, depmax and dist

in a fortran code:

call GETFHV ('DEPMIN', depmin, nerr)

I got this error message:
ERROR: Undefined header field value. DEPMIN

but it works for:

call GETNHV ('NZYEAR', nyear, nerr)

is there a bug? or an other way to extract data from the header?

Best regards

CETE Nice, LGIT Grenoble

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