[SAC-HELP] blackboard variables problem

Gavin Hayes ghayes at usgs.gov
Thu Oct 25 15:30:53 PDT 2007

Hi all,
    I've seen similar messages with problems using blackboard  
variables on the newest version (101.0) of sac in the mailing list  
threads, but no replies. Sorry if this is a repeat. When I try and  
evaluate straightforward math using the blackboard variables on a  
Intel MacPro (see below), my answers are wrong (although no error is  
reported). The same commands work fine on previous versions of sac.  
Has anyone come across a similar error, and/or know of a fix? Thanks  

Gavin Hayes

SAC> evaluate to temp1 1000
SAC> evaluate to temp2 %temp1 / 100
SAC> getbb
    TEMP1 = 1.0000000e+03
    TEMP2 = 1.0000000e+03
SAC> evaluate to temp3 1000 /100
SAC> getbb
    TEMP1 = 1.0000000e+03
    TEMP2 = 1.0000000e+03
    TEMP3 = 1.0000000e+01

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