[SAC-HELP] blackboard variables problem

Brian Savage savage at uri.edu
Fri Oct 26 06:33:35 PDT 2007


This bug is the same one that has been seen on other messages on the  
sac-help list.
Specifically ones concerning concatenation of blackboard variables.

It was a bug that was introduced during a clean up the the sacio  
library making the
routines saner for use in C and Fortran.  It has a simple fix and  
should be available
in the upcoming release of SAC.

If you have the source you can fix it by applying a fix to SAC/src/ 
Recompile and reinstall.

Near Lines 61
         if(callFromC) {
           kvalue[nc] = 0;
/*Add this line*/      } else {
/* Add this line */      memset(kvalue + nc, ' ', kvalue_s - nc);


On Oct 25, 2007, at 6:30 PM, Gavin Hayes wrote:

> Hi all,
>    I've seen similar messages with problems using blackboard  
> variables on the newest version (101.0) of sac in the mailing list  
> threads, but no replies. Sorry if this is a repeat. When I try and  
> evaluate straightforward math using the blackboard variables on a  
> Intel MacPro (see below), my answers are wrong (although no error  
> is reported). The same commands work fine on previous versions of  
> sac. Has anyone come across a similar error, and/or know of a fix?  
> Thanks much,
> Gavin Hayes
> SAC> evaluate to temp1 1000
> SAC> evaluate to temp2 %temp1 / 100
> SAC> getbb
>    TEMP1 = 1.0000000e+03
>    TEMP2 = 1.0000000e+03
> SAC> evaluate to temp3 1000 /100
> SAC> getbb
>    TEMP1 = 1.0000000e+03
>    TEMP2 = 1.0000000e+03
>    TEMP3 = 1.0000000e+01
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