[webservices] includeavailability

Joachim Saul saul at gfz-potsdam.de
Wed Nov 26 04:48:00 PST 2014


how frequently is the availability information updated at the IRIS 
server side? If I do now an inventory request using e.g.
then I get as availability time span for that stream

<DataAvailability><Extent start="1998-10-26T20:35:58" 

which ends about a day ago. However, the data are there (of course) and 
I can retrieve them using

In other words the availability information is not in sync with the 
actual data holdings. Not just for IU.ANMO but for many more 
stations/networks. Is this intentional? It currently prevents me from 
making use of the otherwise very useful availability info when 
requesting data from a few hours ago.


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