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A seismographic station in Puerto Rico has been in operation as Vieques (VQS) from 1903-1924, as San Juan (SJP) from 1926-1963, and San Juan (SJG) from 1963 to the present.


A history of seismic recording in Puerto Rico is given in the file seismic- recording_history_Puerto_Rico (folder). This folder contains three related files:

For SJP, the station information is given in the files San_Juan_Charlier_1953.pdf and San_Juan_McComb_and_West_1931.pdf.

For VQS, a brief 1921 station summary is given in the file: Vieques_Wood_1921.pdf

For VQS, the 1903-1904 station information is given in the file: Vieques_1903-1924.pdf

Seismogram Images

Index of scanned seismogram image files of the World-Wide Standardized Seismograph Network (WWSSN) that are ready for download

The following links go to tens of gigabytes of scanned seismograms. There is one link per station folder (e.g., SJG_Cayey). Each station folder contains one or more folders for years (e.g., SJG_1968). Where warranted, the year folders are further divided into month folders (e.g., SJG_1968-03). Each folder may contain several hundred seismogram scan files. In each case, there is both a small "thumbnail" (JPG or GIF) of the seismogram and the large compressed file (.zip, .gz, or max-quality (12) .jpg) of the scan itself. These latter files are each up to 50 MB in size.

SJG_Cayey (folder).
The filenames for SJG begin with month, day, and year (e.g., 030168 is March 1st, 1968). The filenames end with _01 through _06 to indicate the component of the seismogram as follows: _01, LP Vertical-component; _02, LP NS-component; _03, LP EW-component; _04, SP Vertical-component; _05, SP NS-component; _06, SP EW-component. View a PDF of a table of example filenames for March 1968.

SJP_San_Juan (folder).
Each original seismogram of SJP was scanned at 8-bit gray scale with a resolution of 500 dpi and image editing was performed for quality control. The filenames for SJP include station code, component of the seismogram, year, month, and day. Data include local events 1930-1932 and 1943-1946.

VQS_Vieques (folder). There are no data here for VQS at this time.

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