Izmit, Turkey, 1999
Rotate Earth by dragging on it. Press tiny play button image to create an earthquake.
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Earth  (draggable)

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Click on an earthquake for info and to load it. Cancel
Drag to move legend.
Choose a wave set for cross section:
A wave set is a wave and some key waves that precede it:

P,S:  the original, first, direct waves.
PP, PS, SS:  adding reflections at the underside of Earth’s surface.
PKP, PKS:  adding mantle → (outer) core → mantle.
PcP, PcS:  adding reflections at the core-mantle boundary (CMB).
PKIKP:  adding mantle → outer core → inner core → outer core → mantle.


A visualization of earthquake waves traveling both through Earth's interior and radiating outward on the surface.
What you will see is explained here.

Press the play tiny play button image button to begin.