Data Services Newsletter

Volume 10 : No 3 : September 2008

SAC Patches

Bug fixes for SAC version 101.2

New releases of SAC come out about every six months, but between releases bugs are found and patches written to fix them. Because of the licensing of SAC, one cannot post corrected source routines — all source code must come via e-mail from either IRIS or LLNL. However, it has been decided by IRIS and LLNL that posting patches of broken code on an IRIS Web site is allowed. (Already those subscribed to sac-dev have seen several suggested patches posted that potentially either fix bugs or provide enhancements. This again does not break the licensing agreement, but please do not post complete subroutines.)

IRIS had agreed with a recommendation by the SAC Advisory committee to set up a Web page with links to patches that correct critical bugs. (At this time, it has been decided that patches for enhancements will be applied only in a new release.) The first installment of the patch page was created on October 29 with three patches. There is a README file on that page that explains what the patches are for and brief instructions. In order to be able to apply the patches, you need to have a source distribution of SAC version 101.2 (created on September 4). Go to URL and follow the link. Also, the CHANGES file for which there is a link on that page has been updated to include these patches.

Comments and suggestions should be sent to the sac-dev listserv. If you are not subscribed, instructions are give on the software/sac URL.

by Peter Goldstein (Lawrence-Livermore National Lab) , Arthur Snoke (Lawrence-Livermore National Lab) , Rob Casey (IRIS Data Management Center) and Tim Ahern (IRIS Data Management Center)

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