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Volume 17 : No 1 : Spring 2015

New Data at the DMC

September 2014 – December 2014

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Network Start Year End Year Name Category Restricted
ZM 2001 2002 Southeast Indian Ridge, EW-0114 OBSIP N
TC 2000 2500 Red Sismologica Nacional REGIONAL P
XN 2014 2014 Dynamic Response of the Ross Ice Shelf to to Wave Induced Vibrations PASSCAL P
1B 2014 2014 Sweetwater Array OTHER Y
3F 2010 2010 USGS Debris Flow Flume seismic PASSCAL N
SH 1981 1991 Shumagin-East Aleutian Network - N
YH 2012 2013 Dense Array for North Anatolia SEIS-UK Y
XH 2014 2017 Dynamic Response of the Ross Ice Shelf to Wave-Induced Vibrations PASSCAL Y
YS 2014 2016 Transitions in the Banda Arc-Australia continental collision PASSCAL Y
ZT 2003 2004 Testing of a Deep-Water, Acoustically-Linked, Moored- Buoy Seafloor Observatory OBSIP N
CW 1998 2500 Servicio Sismologico Nacional de Cuba (SSNC) - N
Z5 2013 2015 Seismicity, Structure and Dynamics of the Gorda Deformation Zone OBSIP N
XZ 2014 2014 Idaho Teton Dam PASSCAL N
X6 2014 2016 Homestake Gold Mine Three dimensional Broadband Array PASSCAL Y
Z8 2013 2015 Dense Virtual Seismic Array at Pacaya PASSCAL P
1D 2014 2014 MSH Node Array OTHER N
7D 2009 2009 Yakima Landslide RAMP PASSCAL N
1A 2013 2013 Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Noise Analysis PASSCAL N
XE 2015 2015 Study of the Socorro Magma Body PASSCAL P
ZN 2014 2015 Site response in the Washington, DC, area PASSCAL P
ZG 2014 2014 Sage Brush Flats Nodal Experiment OTHER Y
9D 2015 2015 Seismic Array of the Sevilleta PASSCAL P
EV 2011 2500 Edison Collalto Seismometric Network OTHER P
9A 2013 2013 East Texas Earthquake Monitoring PASSCAL Y
IO 2014 2500 International OGS Network - P
4F 2015 2016 North Texas Earthquake Study PASSCAL N
2A 2001 2002 Gravity Lineations, Intraplate Melting, Petrologic and Seismic Expedition OBSIP N

Assembled Data

Report Number Start Year Endyear Nickname Name Type Restricted Notes
13-005 2013 2013 SEISORZ Seismic Transect Across the Okavango Rift Zone PASSCAL Y Start date: 6/1/13 End date: 7/31/13 Data will be restricted upon arrival. Release date: 7/1/17. PI
14-035 2014 2014 NAPARamp 2014 NAPA Earthquake Response/RAMP PASSCAL N will not be resticted. same experiment as PIC # 201452
14-040 2013 2014 GIAME Integrated Geosciences in the Merida Andes, Venezuela PASSCAL Y Start date:12/20/13 End dateL 4/14/14 Data to be restricted. Release date:4/14/16
14-052 2001 2001 MEQReservoir Monitoring MEQ activity during pulsed injection at geothermal reservoirs PASSCAL N Start date: 2/1/01 End date: 8/1/01 Data will not be restricted upon arrival
14-056 2004 2004 Chesapeake04 Chesapeake Bay PASSCAL N Start date: 10/4/2004 End date: 10/13/2004 Data will not be restricted upon arrival
14-067 2011 2011 SPE2 Source Physics Experiment 2 UNR-DOE N Start date: 10/23/11 End Date: 11/9/11 Data will not be restricted upon arrival
14-068 2012 2012 SPE3 Source Physics Experiment 3 UNR-DOE N Start date: 7/24/12 End date: 7/24/14
15-001 2006 2006 Mercer2006 USGS Mercer Island 2006 Vibroseis Experiment USGS Y Start date: 8/7/06 End date: 8/14/06 Data will be restricted. Release date: 1/6/17
15-002 2014 2014 PALSIE Active Source investigation for PALSIE at Poker Flat PASSCAL N Start date: 6/25/14 End date: 7/25/14 Data will not be restricted
15-003 2001 2001 CANBY Canby, OR, hi-res reflection experiment USGS N Start date: 8/28/01 End date: 8/28/01. Data will not be restricted Data distributed in 1 tar file
15-004 1997 1997 MEADE Meade, Kansas, seismic reflection experiment USGS N Start date: 6/10/97 End date: 6/12/97 Data will not be restricted. Data distributed in 2 tar files
15-005 2003 2003 ALQShallowTests Tests of shallow surface waves in 3-d, Albuquerque PASSCAL N Start date: 9/2/03 End date: 9/30/03 Data will not be restricted Data distributed in one tar file
15-006 2014 2014 MSHNodes MSH Node Array UNM U Start Date: 7/16/14 End date: 8/7/14
15-007 2014 2014 Swells Measuring the frequency of ocean breaker induced surface waves for determining swell direction: feas PASSCAL N Data will be restricted Release date: 3/3/2015
15-009 2015 2015 SevArray Seismic Array of the Sevilleta PASSCAL Y Start date: 2/10/15 End date: 2/25/15 Data to be restricted. Release date:
15-010 1994 1994 WATERFALL Tiptonville Dome Seismic Reflection Experiment-1994 USGS N Start date:6/22/94 End date:6/30/94 Data will not be restricted Data distributed in 1 tar file
15-011 2008 2008 HomininEvol Scientific drilling for human origins: Exploring the application of drill core records to the unders PASSCAL N Start Date: 5/1/08 End date: 7/15/08 Not restricted
15-013 2009 2010 SAFODCrossHole Collaborative Research: Developing a Methodology for Imaging Stress Transients at Seismogenic Depth PASSCAL N Data and report distributed in one tar file
15-014 2014 2016 BOOMTAKUAK Dynamics of subglacial erosion of soft marine sediments and consequences for glacier evolution PASSCAL N Data will not be restricted Start date:2/15/14 End date: 4/15/16

by Rick Benson and Rob Newman (IRIS Data Management Center)

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