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IRIS Data Distribution Statistics

Archive growth and shipment statistics are available in multiple file formats (image, PDF, text) and are updated every month. Please click the links below to either view the files in your browser, or download directly.



IRIS DMC Archive Growth: JPG | PDF
IRIS DMC Archive Rate: JPG | PDF

IRIS DMC Archive Growth


Cumulative Shipments: JPG | PDF
Terabytes Shipped per Year: JPG | PDF
Terabytes Shipped by Request Type: JPG | PDF
Gigabytes Shipped by Network Code: JPG | PDF
Stations Submitting Data: JPG | PDF

Cumulative petabytes shipped since 2001

Data Product Shipments

Shipment statistics image from the 2014-04-11 M8.6 Sumatera, Indonesia event

Web Statistics

IRIS Web Statistics can be found here