Data Services Newsletter

Volume 3 : No 3 : September 2001

New at IDA

IDA recently redesigned the project’s website to be more informative and responsive to user’s needs. The site is divided into the following sections:

  • About IDA contains a description of the project’s purpose, history and relation to the Green’s who have provided substantial financial support throughout the 26 years of Project IDA’s existence.
  • IDA Network contains a network map, alphabetical list of station links, and a description of the Data Collection Center’s work.
  • Stations provides direct access to the station list. Through the links on these pages, users gain access to a physical inventory of what equipment is at a site, schematics of the station layout, photographs, contact information, and a list of what data has been processed by the IDA DCC.
  • Telemetry contains a description of the means IDA uses to telemeter data from GSN stations back to the user community as well as links to a map of telemetry topology and more detailed descriptions of the NRTS software and the AutoDRM.
  • What’s New currently has descriptions of stations under development, new hardware, and topics of immediate interest such as a description of the filtering problem discovered on the IDA MK7 data logger.
  • Reports contains links to equipment technical reports as well as to quarterly reports of the past five years.
  • Contact Information lists whom to contact for more information.

We are quite excited about this site and hope users will take the opportunity to explore the extensive information available.

by Pete Davis (IRIS/IDA)

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