Software Downloads – slarchive v. 2.2 – Revision history

Release version 2.1 (2010.102)

  • Fix globbing detection and bad filename pointer use, reported by Eric Haug.

Release version 2010.075

  • Update to libslink 2.3 with support for batch mode.
  • Add support for batch mode, patch by Andres Heinloo/GFZ.

Release version 2.0b (2009.318)

  • Update to libslink 2.2c, with minor fixes.

Release version 2.0 (2008.113)

  • Update to libslink 2.2 (inconsequential changes).

Release version 2.0beta3 (2008.043)

  • Add logic to retry interrupted write(2) calls up to 10 times for interrupted calls to guard against partial writes.

Release version 2.0beta2 (2008.029)

  • Update to libslink 2.1.
  • Change src/Makefile to use user defined CC and CFLAGS.
  • Add option -f to specify the max number of open files.
  • Change ds_openfile() to maintain the number of open files to be less than the maximum number allowed minus 10, thus leaving 10 descriptors for other use.

Release version 2.0beta (2008.024)

  • Update to libslink 2.0 with support for network/station wildcards.
  • Resynchronize archiving routines with updates from other code bases, eliminate archive.[ch] source files.
  • Add q, L, r and R archive formatting flags.
  • Remove DLOG preformatted archive type.
  • Add CSS, CHAN, QCHAN and CDAY preformatted archive types.
  • Update man page.

Release version 2007.183

  • Improved error handling, mostly in the case of interrupted system calls (due to signals) in dsarchive.c.

Release version 1.7 (2006.213)

  • Release without changes after testing.

Release version 2005.237

  • Search for a matching file name (glob) when opening archive files using non-defining flags. The problem was that stream timeouts or slarchive re-starts cause files to be re-opened generating new files using the non-defining flags as if they were defining.

Release version 1.6 (2005.147)

  • Update to libslink 1.5.
  • Add version to usage messages.
  • Update man page.

Release version 1.5 (2004.222)

  • Update to libslink 1.4.
  • Either host or port is optional when specifying the SeedLink server (libslink parses the string now).
  • Remove the dummy signal handler as it was useless.

Release version 1.4 (2004.197)

  • Update to libslink 1.3 including redirection of most library output to stderr.
  • Do not adjust ppackets flag based on verbose flag. If packet details are desired they must specifically be requested.

Release version 2004.184

  • Migrate all standard I/O (fopen, fwrite, etc.) to the raw interfaces (open, write, etc.) in order to be able to open more files at once; standard I/O is limited to 256 descriptors.
  • Aggressively deal with the situation where the maximum open files limit has been reached. First, try to increase the “soft” limit to the “hard” limit. Second, close open stream files with decreasing idle timeouts until some file descriptors are freed. The result is that slarchive should almost always be able to open files (and save data) even if the number of incoming streams is large. If the open file limit is low versus the number of incoming streams there might be lots of opening and closing of files. This change involved the addition of the ds_openfile and ds_closeidle functions to dsarchive.c.
  • If -v is used only set -p to level 1 unless it’s already set, this allows diagnostics to be seen without the output being flooded with info about the received packets.

Release version 1.3 (2004.170)

  • Update to libslink 1.2a including more flexible support for implementations of the SeedLink protocol other than the reference implementation by Andres Heinloo.
  • Handle case of corrupt miniSEED records in existing files when checking for the last sample received (initial future check) by disabling check when the last sample time could not be determined.
  • Add high verbosity log message when reading the last record from existing file.

Release version 1.2 (2004.125)

  • Update to libslink 1.1 allowing usage under Mac OS X (Darwin).
  • Fix up the usage of -v and -p to be consistent.
  • Better argument list processing to catch silly user errors when options do not have required values.
  • Consolidate INSTALL and README into README.

Release version 1.1 (2004.026)

  • No comments (no users?), bumping version to 1.1

Release version 1.1beta3 (2004.016)

  • Prefix all log messages with a local time stamp.
  • Set stdout (where log messages go) to always flush after a newline.

Release version 1.1beta2 (2004.014)

  • Log messages reporting that overlap limits are exceeded with the new -Fi and -Fc options are suppressed after the first message as long as the overlap is continuous in the same file.

Release version 2004.013

  • Generalized data stream structures more. Allows for future grow possibilities. As a side benefit any number of archive definitions can now be given, i.e. multiple uses of -A, -SDS, -BUD, -DLOG, or any combination thereof.
  • Fix the missing initialization that caused every other record to be skipped when using the new -F options.
  • Changed the single -F option to two different options, -Fi and -Fc. The first sets an acceptable overlap for data in the future that is checked when data streams are initialized and existing data files are opened. The second sets an acceptable overlap for data in the future that is continuously checked.

Release version 1.1beta (2003.315)

  • Add -F option to only archive data in the future by keeping track of the time of the last sample and skipping any records that start before that. Read the last record from any existing files when a data stream is opened so that this will work even through a shutdown. This only makes sense to use for archive formats where each unique data stream is archived in a separate file.
  • Add a missing statement for cleanly flushing the file buffers of a DLOG archive on shutdown.
  • Fix main description in man page.

Release version 1.0 (2003.309)

  • Update to libslink 1.0

Release version 1.0pre1 (2003.307)

  • Update to libslink 1.0pre1
  • Add an exception to packet_handler() to not archive end-of-detection records.

Release version 0.9.5 (2003.304)

  • Minor update to the man page.

Release version 0.9.4 (2003.280)

  • Update to libslink 0.9.6.
  • Make changes to msr_print and msr_parse calls.

Release version 0.9.3 (2003.276)

  • Update to libslink 0.9.5.
  • Make changes to msr_print and msr_parse calls.
  • Add comments about non-GCC compilers to src/Makefile.

Release version 0.9.2 (2003.275)

  • Update to libslink 0.9.4.
  • Use gcc by default, the library uses it anyway.
  • Add -O2 and -Wall to the cflags and fix the warnings.

Release version 0.9.1 (2003.273)

  • Check that statefile is specified before using strchr().

Release version 0.9 (2003.272)

  • Update to libslink 0.9.2.
  • Add interval for statefile usage, the statefile will be written every interval number of packets received.
  • Add -lrt to the Solaris LDLIBS line to get nanosleep()

Release version 0.8 (2003.262)

  • Update to libslink 0.9.1.
  • Add a warning message if no archiving method was specified.
  • Change flags to standard usage and more flexibility.

Release version 0.7 (2003.255)

  • Only call msr_print() on when verbose is > 0.

Release version 0.6 (2003.182)

  • Update to libslink 0.9 and use new termination sequence that has no possibility to lose packets.

Release version 0.5 (2003.181)

  • Update to libslink 0.8.3 (includes renaming of structures). Updates from Andres (thanks):
  • Parse data records even when not doing BUD archiving, oops!
  • Add a setvbuf call to make the writing of records into the archive unbuffered.
  • Change checking of archive directory to existence instead of writable.

Release version 0.4 (2003.157)

  • Update to libslink 0.7

Release version 0.3 (2003.092)

  • Make the idle stream timeout a command line option
  • Fix memory leak in ds_getstream() when closing streams

Release version 0.2 (2003.083)

  • Fixed memory leak in ds_streamproc() when parsing format
  • Fixed memory leak in arch_streamproc() when passing format
  • Updated to libslink 0.6 including memory leak fixes

Release version 0.1 (2003.080)

  • Split from slinktool-3.2 and stripped out everything that was not needed for slarchive.
  • Added the -DLOG option to archive data into the old SeisComP/datalog structure for backward compatibility.
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