Time Series Data Channels

Most of the data collected and archived at the DMC is time series data. Each channel of timeseries data is identified by a 3-character channel code which indicates the type and placement of the sensor. The convention for time series channel codes is documented in greater detail in Appendix A of the SEED Manual.

These are merely conventions! Not all data sources follow all aspects of these conventions, particularly regarding the orientation code.

Add and modify channels in the table below. You can then request data for these channels using the link below.

Channel Code Band / Sample Rate Instrument Type Orientation Remove
Request data for these channels from:

You can also click on any of these commonly used channel codes to add it to the list.


  • Broadband Seismometers
    • ?H? High Gain
      • BH? Broadband
      • LH? Long Period
    • ?L? Low Gain
  • ?N? Strong Motion Accelerometer
    • ?L? Legacy (1999 and earlier)
  • ?M? Mass Position Seismometer
  • ?P? Geophone
  • ?DH Hydrophone

Other Geophysical

  • Magnetotelluric
    • ?F? Magnetometer
    • ?Q? Electric Field
  • Strainmeter
    • ?V? Volumetric
    • LS?RS? Laser
    • ?S? Linear
    • BS? Tensor
  • ?AE Tidal Pendulum
  • ?A? Tiltmeter
  • ?G? Gravimeter
  • ?B? Creep Meter


  • ?W? Wind
    • ?WS Speed
    • ?WD Direction
  • ?K? Temperature
    • ?KI Internal
    • ?KO External
  • ?I? Humidity
  • ?R? Rain
  • ?U? Solar
    • ?UO Pyranometer
    • LUX Solar Radiation
  • ?D? Atmospheric Pressure
  • ?DF Infrasound