1967 Huila (Colombia) Earthquake Archive

1967 2/09 15:24 UTC  2.89N  74.80E  41km           Mw=7.2, Huila, Colombia

The death toll of this earthquake was about 100.

Since we have very little information about this earthquake, we urge scientists and engineers who have studied this earthquake to contribute their materials for this archive.  Please contact William H. K. Lee at:
lee@usgs.gov (office), or whklee@ix.netcom.com (home).

Contributors: Charles R. Hutt, William H. K. Lee.

1. Seismograms of the 1967 Huila (Colombia) Earthquake:     Selected WWSSN seismograms from this earthquake were scanned as part of the ICSU Scanning Project.

link to compressed tif file directory (.gz format)

2. References:  


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