Data Services Newsletter

Volume 11 : No 1 : Spring 2009

rdseed 4.8 released

Announcing rdseed version 4.8, available for download from IRIS DMC. You can get more information and download rdseed from the IRIS DMC Software – SEED Tools web page.

rdseed is IRIS DMC’s legacy utility for reading SEED volumes, the FDSN-approved file format for representing and distributing digital seismic data. This utility allows the user to read the contents of the SEED file and convert it to many different output formats, extracting the data, station information, or instrument responses from the file.

Revision Notes

version 4.8
* CSS - Added the location code support.
      Added in support for little endian data.
* event file: some minor incompatibilities crept in between rdseed and JWEED.
* mini seed output: changed to always output with big endian data.
* sac file output: added magnitude
* seed file output: bugs fixes relating to multi record length data.
      Needed some added room for the tilde at the end of variable length fields.
      Incorrect seed volumes being created under x86.
* added support for 'M' quality data
* added support for multiple blockette 11s.
* bug fix: when using multi datalesses rdseed forgot the earlier ones. It only retained the last one.
* bug fix: double free with linux
* bug fix: compile errors using linux
version 4.7.5
* corrected how rdseed detected time gaps (allow a fudge factor of 1/2 the sample period.)
* Added in some blk1001 support. micro-secs being added into the sac B header
* corrected how sac B is supported. millis go into the KZtime area while the remainder goes into the B field (plus the micro-secs)
* the SEEDALIAS was not working. Working now.
* fixed some issues with high sample rates.

More information

by Tim Knight (IRIS Data Management Center)

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